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Louet Mini Extra Fine - Cotton Cards

SKU: KP0110
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Prepare your fiber for spinning with extra fine Louet Mini Hand Cards, designed to card cotton, exotic fibers and fine wools. Made from Dutch tulip wood, these light weighted hand carders have ergonomic handles which fit comfortably in your hands. These hand cards are well-balanced and have curved paddles, 4" X 4" work space with extra fine cloth, and 110 high grade steel plated wire teeth /sq. inch. These smaller cards are ideal for smaller quantities of fiber or for people with wrist problems.

Carding and combing are pre-spinning treatments to align the fibers which enables you to spin fibers more easily. For the technique of felting or making woolen blankets, carding is essential. Combing straightens the fibers more than carding. This difference determines the character of the spun thread: worsted or woolen-spun.



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