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Magical Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk Blend - House Odintalon


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  • 21.5 micron Merino Wool Top and Grade A. Mulberry Silk 60/40
  • Multi Color Blended Top
  • This magical Merino blend is ideal for hand spinning, weaving, wet and needle felting, and so much more! 
  • Garments to be hand washed in cold water with llittle to no agitation - recommended
  • This fiber will produce a lovely worsted yarn with beautiful sheen and drape. 
  • Great for beginner and advanced spinners alike. Try plying this fiber with a contrasting color to create a unique yarn. Use this fiber on a blending board or hand cards to create one of a kind rolags for hand spinning.

Featured in our November 2018 Fiber of the Month Club. Click here to see all the Magical Swineblysters School of Spincraft and Makery House Blends. 

 Welcome to Swineblysters School of Spincraft and Makery! Share your house blend on social media with #paradisefibers and let the world know this exciting news! 


According to our records, you are an intelligent fiber magician who delights in studying the many fiber types and their purposes. This has resulted in your placement in the house Odintalon. Your new house is the optimal place for research, experimentation, and the development of new fiber art techniques. Here you will debate, with your housemates, philosophical and creative concepts for the betterment of noknits and knitknows alike. House Odintalon students are reminded that the use of indigo dye crystals to dye unicorn hair does not require any urine from any species under any circumstances. We do not wish for any repeats of “The Great Spill” of 1377. We are often reminded of this incident by the still blue unicorns roaming the school grounds.

Since we are sure that your natural curiosity will leave you wondering about the history of your house, here is an abridged version. It was founded by Oblio Odintalon who is most famous for his 4,224 page book, Fantastic Fibers and How to Spin them. 400 million copies have been sold worldwide since it was published and it has been translated into 68 languages. In his most recent edition, he is hailed for having used a ground breaking ink that morphs into tangible and spinnable fiber for the avid reader to practice crafting with. As a member of House Odintalon, you will be provided a signed copy of this book upon arrival. Please be sure to return any fiber sample spun or unspun to your copy of the book when finished as it will eventually expand into unmanageable amounts that will overrun your closet, guest bedroom, or any other living area that it can find to engulf.

The dorms for House Odintalon are located in the west wing, past the moving staircases, and before the grand ballroom. To gain entrance, a student must present the Picasso painting an item they have crafted themselves. New students will be admitted by a school prefect and will have an opportunity to dye a scarf on their first night at the school to use for entry. Please do not be offended if Picasso critiques your work in a way that you find strange or alarming.