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Magical Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk Blend - House Slathersin


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  • 21.5 micron Merino Wool Top and Grade A. Mulberry Silk 60/40
  • Multi Color Blended Top
  • This magical Merino blend is ideal for hand spinning, weaving, wet and needle felting, and so much more! 
  • Garments to be hand washed in cold water with little to no agitation - recommended
  • This fiber will produce a lovely worsted yarn with beautiful sheen and drape. 
  • Great for beginner and advanced spinners alike. Try plying this fiber with a contrasting color to create a unique yarn. Use this fiber on a blending board or hand cards to create one of a kind rolags for hand spinning.

Featured in our November 2018 Fiber of the Month Club. Click here to see all the Magical Swineblysters School of Spincraft and Makery House Blends. 

 Welcome to Swineblysters School of Spincraft and Makery! Share your house blend on social media with #paradisefibers and let the world know this exciting news! 


According to our records, you are an ambitious fiber magician with a great drive to take on large projects. You never let the number of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in your stash deter you from taking on that next magnum opus. Therefore, you have been assigned to the esteemed House Slathersin. Here you will meet other ambitious and dedicated fiber artists who will inspire you to keep going when that big project makes you feel like you bit off more than you can chew.


Contrary to popular belief, the majority of students in House Slathersin are not sneaky or mean. In fact, they can be some of the most loyal and hardworking individuals, taking after their founder, Santiago Slathersin himself. This luminary and resourceful fiber magician claimed his fame when he independently saved all noknits and knitknows from the great flood of 1377. His impressive crocheted rope made from spider’s silk, that he used to save the world, can be viewed in the splendor corridor located near the Mezzanine. He chose a serpent to represent his house in honor of his favorite pet, Fluffy the corn snake. House Slathersin students are reminded that dyeing the groundkeeper's sheep green is forbidden, as is rigging the Spinning Cup to your advantage.

The dorms for House Slathersin are located near the greenhouse. To obtain entrance one must tell the guardian caduceus a secret.

This school year is promising to be the most productive, stash busting, and perfectly safe year we’ve had in many years. Pay no mind to the rumors. There are no giant moths at Swineblysters although we do ask that you refrain from entering the dark corners in the basement.