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Majacraft Diz

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This beautifully finished unbreakable polished brass diz has three hole sizes – 1.5mm, 3mm, for fine through to coarse wools, and a 5mm for color blending.

The Majacraft diz is made in brass and is cut out with laser. The holes are specially cut with a drill that leaves both a very accurate size and smooth finish. There are no burrs at all so the fibre will never catch and the brass helps the fibre flows smoothly. The polished holes are very accurate so you can be sure your work will be precise.

The diz acts as a former to make a constant thickness sliver from carded or combed wool, while aligning fibres longitudinally. An essential for worsted spinning, and since it aligns the fibre, can be used to revitalize an old fleece or to blend different wools.