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Merino and Baby Alpaca Blends - Alpine

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: Matterhorn Blue

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The Swiss Alps, known for their breathtaking vistas and fresh mountain air, inspire our newest collection! This breathable and cuddly soft line features six frosty colorways that combine naturally white baby alpaca (33%) with dyed 23-micron merino (67%) to bring you ready-to-spin, powdery, and picturesque blends.

These cozy blends make delightfully lightweight bulky yarns, perfect for winter weather garments and escapades through the beloved Swiss Alps! All the magical properties of merino and irresistible luster and drape of alpaca join forces to bring you these wintery heathered blends that are a breeze to spin! The baby alpaca in these blends is 5 times warmer than wool and the merino offers wonderful memory and loftiness to your finished yarn. The fiber truly shines when spun fine for luxurious lacework or bulky for irresistibly squishy winter wear. The fibers are also excellent for wet and needle felting projects. 

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 67% dyed 23-micron merino wool top, 33% naturally white baby alpaca

Micron count: 21 - 23 

Staple length: 3 - 6 inches

Type: Blended top

Texture: Smooth, silky, and dense

Care: Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Feltable: Yes

Please note: we've done our best to accurately represent the color of this fiber but the tone and saturation can vary between batches and especially from screen to screen.

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This fiber was featured in our December 2020 Fiber of the Month Club Package.