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Cestari 100% Natural USA Lanolin

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Soothing lanolin perfect for rejuvenating dry, rough, or chapped skin and for revitalizing your favorite wool garments. Lanolin is the oil that sheep naturally produce to protect their wool and skin from harsh elements.

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Lanolin details:

Ingredients: 100% pure, natural lanolin

Bringing your Wool Back to Life with Lanolin:

The commercial processing, spinning, and dyeing of wool strips it of its hard-earned lanolin. Superwash wool goes through even harsher chemical treatments that leave the wool dry and lifeless. Luckily for us, we can re lanolize our wool to breathe life back into the fiber! Regular lanolizing after washing will keep your wool garments soft and lasting for lifetimes!

You can lanolize your wool before you spin to spin “In The Grease” or after being spun to give your yarn back it’s natural bacteria-fighting power! We suggest this simple method for washing and lanolizing your wool and wool-blends using Unicorn Fiber Wash and  Natural Lanolin:

What you’ll need: Soap, lukewarm water, basin or sink that is big enough to submerge your entire garment, unspun fiber, or yarn; and wool in need of refreshing, cleaning, and/or lanolizing.

Step 1: Mix 1/2 tablespoon of Lanolin with 1 cup of hot water. Stir until lanolin melts and dissolves completely. Set aside.

Step 2: Fill an appropriately sized washbasin with enough lukewarm water to cover your garment/wool. As you fill your basin, pour 1-2 capfuls of Unicorn Fiber Wash into the water. Use more for larger basins and larger garments/amounts of wool. Water should cover garment/wool, but no need to fill the basin. For worn garments, you may need to repeat this step until the water clears before you add lanolin. For unspun fiber or freshly spun yarn add your lanolin mixture into your basin mixture and stir before you add your wool.

Step 3: Submerge your garment/wool in the basin and give it a gentle squeeze and swish or two. This will help clean the yarn and allow the fibers to take the lanolin in. Do not agitate too much – keep it gentle!

Step 4: If the water clears, your garment is probably still “thirsty” for more lanolin. Add another teaspoon or two of melted lanolin at your discretion. Careful not to pour the lanolin directly onto the wool to prevent lanolin spots. Soak 5-15 minutes.

Step 5: Lightly rinse if there is significant dirt/grease/grime in the water from your garment/wool. Take your garment/wool out of the tub, dump the remaining water, and add fresh water. Submerge the garment again and then remove. Do not wring out or twist your piece/wool. Gently squeeze out excess water. Lay your garment flat on a towel, and roll the towel up firmly to blot out excess water. Unroll the towel and wet-block your garment to desired measurements. If treating unspun wool, lay your wool out to dry before spinning. When dry, squish the garment/wool in your hands, bring it up to your nose and face, and take in the loveliness of your clean, refreshed, softened garment/wool.


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About Cestari:

Cestari Sheep and Wool Company is a small family-owned and operated American manufacturer of high-quality yarn.  Francis Chester began this company in 1946 and has a farm in Augusta County, Virginia where him and his family raise the sheep for the wool used in their yarn.  They also source wool from reputable ranchers throughout the United States.  All of Cestari's sheep and wool products are always grown and processed in the United States.  Their cotton products are grown and processed exclusively in Virginia. 


Listen to Francis Chester talk about Cestari's roots in this video:


See the part of the shearing process and learn more about Cestari from Francis in this video: