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Paradise Fibers 14.5 Micron Ultra Fine Merino and Cashmere Blend - Cake Batter

SKU: PFCB-012-02
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The ultimate luxury fiber for beginner and advanced spinners alike! This luscious and ultra soft blend can even be dyed, used in wet/dry felting projects, as well as woven into beautiful tapestries and hand knit into chunky garments! 

50% De-Haired Cashmere Top
50% 14.5 micron Ultra Fine Merino Top

This blend drafts like a dream and can be used in so many different craft applications. Want to treat a friend to the most luxurious fiber in existence? You've found it! The merino in this blend is shorn from Merino Lambs so it is as soft as can be (14.5 microns). The cashmere is shorn from Angora Goats and has had the guard hairs removed leaving only the lofty, silky, fluffy top (13 microns). 

Featured in our August 2018 Fiber of the Month Club Box
This special blend was designed specially for our club members for a birthday themed fiber club box! Paired with our Frosted Halo Collection ( a Mohair and Silk Blend ) On our blog we create a confetti birthday cake inspired blend using the two. 

When Spinning, we recommend spinning this blend woolen, fairly fine, with higher twist ( but not so tight as to lose the soft feel ). Try making thin rolags on a blending board and spinning from the center. We recommend a slower ratio for beginners. Experienced spinners could likely spin faster on a high whorl. Be sure to loosen your tension for minimal pull. Achieve a higher twist for your first single using a short 2 hand draw with a drafting area of 1" and a wide fan to ensure your first single is strong enough. 

Try Dyeing your own colorway using Country Classics Dye 

1 Jar of "no fuss" Country Classics Dye will dye 2 lbs of fiber!