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Paradise Fibers 14.5 Micron Ultra Fine Merino Top

SKU: UFT467-04
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The softest, finest, merino top on the market.

Feels just like cashmere.

Blend this fiber with complimentary fibers like mulberry silk or or rose fiber, and even cashmere to create the heavenliest of blends. Spin by itself or even dye your own custom color ways! This fiber lends itself to many projects where fine wool is required. This is the finest. 

Merino lambs are regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

Merino wool not only regulates body temperature, it's especially luxurious when worn against the skin because of its smooth fluffy structure.

Carded, natural white/ecru color, 3-4 inch staple length, 14.5 Micron.