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Paradise Fibers Alpaca/Merino/Silk Blend - Marshmallow


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Paradise Fibers Alpaca/Merino/Silk 50/25/25

23 micron

This luxury blend of fibers is one of the softest natural color blends that we carry.

All three fibers blended create a super soft fiber that has a high luster provided by the silk, with the warmth of alpaca and greater ease in drafting with the Merino.

With almost no crimp the fibers can be spun tight and thin to create a delicate laceweight or with less twist for loft and halo in the yarn.

The blend of different protein fibers will allow you to get a variegated heathered dye pattern as the silk, alpaca and Merino absorb the dye.

This is one of the premier fiber blends in a warm lovely cream.