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Merino Wool and Bamboo Blends - Bambino

SKU: PFBR-B107-04
: Higglety Pigglety
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Soft and Sweet! These silky and lofty blends are inspired by childhood nursery rhymes and feature tonal and contrasting shades of dyed merino wool top blended with lustrous dyed shades of bamboo top. These soothing blends have all the wonderful temperature regulating properties of merino wool with strands of luminous bamboo for strength and luster, perfect for hand spinning cozy garments that are sure to last a lifetime of wear.

These enchanted rovings will breathe life into any spinning, felting, or blending project.  Since the blend consists mainly of wool it will needle/wet felt with ease.  With a long staple length of 3-6 inches, the vibrant multi-colors create a gorgeous heathered yarn when spun fine. 

Fiber Details: 

Fiber content: 85% dyed 23-micron merino wool top and 15% dyed bamboo top

Micron count: 19-23

Preparation: commercial top

Feltable: yes

Origin: South Africa (cape) and South America depending on availability. From non-mulesed flocks.

Commercially acid-dyed conforming to the Oeko-Tex 100 Quality System EN71.

Due to the nature of dyed and blended commercial tops, colors may vary slightly between batches so be sure to get enough for your project. We've done our best to accurately represent each color but the tone and saturation of the color can vary from screen to screen.

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