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Paradise Fibers Grey Suffolk Roving

SKU: PFGS-T145-08
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Suffolk are a popular breed of sheep in the United States. The Suffolk Breed originated almost 200 years ago on the rugged southeastern coast of England, the result of crossing Southdown rams and Norfolk Horn Ewes. Originally, they were called Southdown Norfolks or just "black faces." 

The first Suffolks were brought to the United States in 1888, but it wasn't until after the second World War when the sheep industry moved towards a larger, meatier, open faced sheep that Suffolks gained prominence. They are a large breed with a distinctive all-black head and legs that are free of wool. Suffolk produce a medium wool that is prized by many spinners. The fibers themselves are moderately short stapled, 2-3 inches. The fibers are wonderfully springy, with a good hand, and excellent crimp. Highly useful fiber for a variety of spinning and felting projects. With a Micron count of 25-33. The dense fibers are resilient with blocky, rectangular staples that hold together and may be hard to distinguish from each other. This is a bulky fiber that lends itself to great yarn for winter woollies, excellent insulating properties. This fiber has been processed and combed with most kemp removed. Free of lanolin, perfect if you like those "scratchier" wools.