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Rechargeable Crafter's Neck and Tabletop Bendable Multi Light

SKU: NL-001

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Bid eyestrain a not-so-fond farewell with this fantastic multi-purpose neck light. Whether you're doing some evening crafting, or simply working with darker materials, save yourself a headache and illuminate your project with this handy hands-free light. Don't spend any more of your time searching for the perfect light, just find a comfy chair and let this fantastic neck light do the rest. The light base is flat so you can even enjoy the illumination on a tabletop! With its soft-to-the-touch bendy arms, this light is truly the ultimate companion in every crafting situation. The light features 3 light modes and is rechargeable. 

Product Details:

Includes: Neck/tabletop light, charging cord, instructions

3 Light Settings: Soft yellow/orange light, bright white/blue light, both, or alternating.

Weight: 3.5 oz. (99.2 g.)

Arm Length: 11 inches

Material: Soft silicone/plastic