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Paradise Fibers Carbonized Merino Burrs - 4oz bundles

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Small chunks of slightly felted carbonized merino burrs. 

Burr picking is the first operation through which the wool passes after it has been scoured and dried, except in some cases where it is run through a duster immediately after the drying. When this is done, it is more for the purpose of making the stock open and lofty, so as to facilitate the work of the burr picker, than for the sake of the small amount of dust that is removed. These Burrs although generally considered a fault in a roving are great for custom blends. Create tufts and streaks when blended for a truly unique fiber concoction! Dye some of these little niblets and add liberally to your next fiber blend, you will love the result. Perfect for making unique art yarns or adding to whimsical felted creations. Add texture , interest, and effect to your yarns with these Merino Burrs.

Comes in 4oz increments.