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Paradise Fibers Merino/ Silk/ Flax Blend | Fractus

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The softness of 23 Micron Merino Wool blended with Tussah Silk and Flax to produce an unusual, unique effect, especially when dyed. This blend is 50% Merino 30% Tussah Silk, and 20% Flax with a long 5-7 inch staple length.

This blend is perfectly suited for an adventurous dying project! The wool, silk, and flax will each hold dye differently; resulting in a variegated roving. The Long staple length of 5-7 inches makes this roving a breeze to spin for beginners and advanced spinners alike. 

Flax (Linen) is a wild natural cellulose fiber that grows inside of the stalks of the flax plant. One of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. Flax was the preferred textile of the Ancient Egyptians who used it for clothing, bed linen, shrouds for mummies and for ships' sails. This fiber is strong and lasts and softens over time. Combine with the luster and beauty of silk and the wearability and durability of merino wool and you have yourself a blend made in paradise!