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Paradise Fibers Minty Merino - 50/50 Mint Cellulose and 18.5mic Super Fine Merino Top Micro Blend

SKU: PFCB-004-4

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Mint fiber is a very new biodegradable cellulose fiber that is infused with mint powder extracted from peppermint leaves. This blend is a 50/50 undyed top with Superfine 18.5 micron Merino Wool Top. The color is off white with a slight golden tint. The texture is lofty and smooth lending itself nicely to dyeing, spinning, wet and needle felting, and blending projects. The finished yarn has lovely drape and natural cooling and antibacterial properties. This fiber is very lustrous and soft with excellent moisture absorption too. Featured in our December Fiber of the Month club box with Pearly Polwarth, and Milky Mohair.