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Paradise Fibers Multi Colored Corriedale Wool Top - Fairy

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This pastel, buttery, and crimpy multicolor Corriedale Wool Blend will enchant you to embark on a new fiber adventure! Featured in our October Fiber of the Month Club Box.

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Pair this multicolor blend with your favorite shades of our Solid Color Corriedale Rovings for endless creative possibilities!


  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Carded and Blended Top
  • Dyed Multi Colors
  • 25-30 micron
  • Feltable
  • Ready to craft with
  • Approx. 1 yard per oz. 
  • Roving Approx. 3 inches wide
  • Hand wash in cold water recommended

The Corriedale fleece starts out as bright white with good crimp and soft handle and is very even. These Corriedale wools originate from New Zealand and have been dyed with non-toxic dyes. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting, and many other craft uses.Wonderful for felters, blenders, and spinners alike! Strip the roving lengthwise to create a striking colorwork skein of yarn. 

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