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Paradise Fibers Scotch Tension Kit for Revolution Wheel

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The Revolution's Scotch Tension Kit is designed to maintain the tension on your bobbin while spinning by connecting to the tension knob and metal eye. Included is enough Hemp Drive Band for the scotch tension on your Revolution Wheel, a tension knob designed specifically for the Revolution, and 2 tension springs.


Paradise Fibers Scotch Tension Kit for Revolution Wheel includes:

  • Hemp Brake Band 
  • Tension knob
  • 2 Standard springs for scotch tension

Let's Talk Scotch Tension from Schacht:

"Scotch tension works generally the same on most wheels. There is a string that goes over the large flange of the bobbin attached to a spring that allows for looser or tighter tension controlled by a tension peg. 

This tension peg enables you to elongate or compress the spring. With the spring stretched there is more tension on the bobbin which provides a stronger pull on the yarn to draw on the bobbin.

When the spring is compressed, the take-up will be less and more twist will build up before the bobbin draws on the yarn. If your yarn is drifting apart, you want more twist. If it is getting kinked, you want less twist. 

Elongate the spring more and more (adding more tension) as the bobbin fills with more yarn. This helps to keep a similar tension throughout the bobbin. This only requires small increases in tension. I usually give the knob a little turn each time I get to the last hook on my flyer."