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Paradise Fibers Seacell Top

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This is truly a smart fiber! The sea is the origin of life full of interesting secrets! An entire ocean full of substances that are used to promote human health come directly from the sea. One of these substances is seaweed, full of valuable ingredients used to promote good health.

The fibers from this magical plant have a beneficial effect. Now fiber producers are combining this fiber with cellulose to create a marine-based substance in spin-able form!  This is grade A seacell top fiber. Manufactured using the lyocell process, a closed-loop eco-friendly process that does not use harmful chemicals. The fiber starts as a pulp harvested from Beech trees which is then combined with seaweed in its liquid form, from there it is spun fine by spinnerettes, hardened, and cut into fibers.

Seaweed has been used in Medicine as an agent to protect the skin with anti-inflammatory properties. This is forward-thinking fiber, innovative to say the least. Nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E are released by the natural body moisture when the fiber is worn. in addition, the textile's properties provide other advantages such as breathability and softness. Silky softness. Garments made from this fiber last through and through and promote well being and comfort. A true innovative luxury fiber. 

This is wholly raw material made from cellulose that couldn't be any at more with nature. This seacell fiber is prepared into a combed top for ease of spinning. Featuring a staple length of 3-5 inches and a micron count of 18-20. Use it in your next blend to add a bit of lustrous silk-like texture. Dye it up with cellulose dyes to create your own colorways.