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Single Row Blending Hackles

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     Paradise Fibers Single Row Blending Hackles. This tool will allow you to blend different fibers of varying shades, content, and color. A Blending hackle is typically used to prepare your fiber for spinning. With this tool you can make your very own roving by Diz'ing right off the hackle. Create your very own custom blends or colorways that you can repeat!  We offer this Hackle by itself as well as options to add an additional double row comb and table clamps (hold it hooks). This is hand crafted right here in our woodshop! 

     We're offering a 6", 12", and an 18" wide (working area). It's carefully Made of Solid Maple. The Single row of Tines are 3/32 in diameter, set 1/4" on center. It's finished in a Boiled Linseed Oil which enhances it's beauty and protects as well.

     Can be easily attached to your table with the Paradise Fibers Hold It Hooks which feature a widest gap of 3 1/4".

 Number of Tines: 6" - 25. 12" - 49. 18" - 73 Max width: 6" - 10", 12" - 16". 18" - 22".

Anybody who "knows" Paradise Fibers Fiber tools, will tell you they are beautifully built, paying attention to details and durability.