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Paradise Fibers Spinning Wheel Maintenance SOS Kit

SKU: 720825705590

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This spinning wheel maintenance kit is a must have for any spinner. The Spinning Wheel S.O.S kit has all the accessories you could need to get your wheel back to spinning in a bind. Polycord and hemp drive band, oil, orifice hook, brake band and springs, and more are included in this spinner's lifeline. The Spinner’s kit comes in a convenient case that snaps closed for easy storage. Just throw it in your spinning bag or basket without worry.

Break a footman connector? No problem, a little super glue and you’ll be spinning till your new footman arrives. Polycord drive band explode? We’ve got you covered with enough stretchy drive band material, a book of matches, and a candle to create another. Cotton or hemp drive band hanging by a thread? Just grab your S.O.S kit and use the hemp drive band material to fashion another. Scotch Tension spring go missing, or maybe “borrowed” by another spinner? That’s okay! You’ve got 2 springs and a tension break band in your S.O.S Kit ready to go.

     This Item No Longer Comes With A Lighter. 

The Spinner's S.O.S Kit includes the following items:

  • Orifice Hook
  • Single Drive Band Material (polycord/stretchy)
  • Double Drive Band (hemp)
  • Candle
  • Scotch Tension Brake Band and Springs
  • Premium Spinning Wheel Oil
  • Scissors
  • Super Glue