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Paradise Fibers Domestic Superwash Merino Roving

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Made right here in the USA. This Domestic Merino Wool is a versatile fiber that many use for various projects. This fiber is luxuriously soft and excellent for people with sensitivity to traditional wool. Most popular for athletic wear due to its natural properties that wick moisture away from the body while still holding in heat. This fiber will keep you warm in the cool weather, and cool in the warmer weather. Extremely absorbent fiber, like cotton, but unlike cotton, merino retains its warmth when wet. Another favorable quality of merino wool is that it weighs less and warms more.

This fiber has all the characteristics of a Merino Wool, 21.5 Microns, but has been treated to be Superwash. 

One quality of a super washed roving is that it can withstand machine washing. Another go-to quality is that this fiber will not felt.

 The processes of turning a roving into superwash vary. Some include a chemical stripping of the individual fibers to "strip away" the fibers "barbs". This process Inhibits the individual fibers from interlocking, which is the magic that allows the fibers to "felt" together when heat, water, soap, and pressure or friction is applied. Another process is to coat the individual fibers with a synthetic solution that covers the barbs of the fibers resulting in the same outcome as the first-mentioned method. This particular fiber has had its barbs stripped. 

This fiber is perfect for hard-wearing garments that you want to wear for years to come!