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Paradise Fibers White Baby Royal Superfine Alpaca Top - 4oz


We have run out of stock for this item.

Royal Alpaca is the most exclusive of Alpaca fibers! This is the FINEST alpaca available with a micron count of 18. Less than 1% of the World's Alpacas produce this luxurious natural fiber. Alpaca fiber is designated as Royal, Baby, or Superfine Alpaca fiber by measuring the fiber diameter in microns. Royal Alpaca has the smallest fiber diameter and compares with the world's finest natural fibers, including cashmere, mohair, and merino.

weave, knit, crochet the finest garments and fabrics with this fiber and enjoy the durability and sustainability for generations! Experience the luxury. 

Only available at this time in a beautiful natural white color. If you enjoy incredible softness, cloud like weight, thermal qualities that exceed wool and a natural ability to shed water, Royal Baby Alpaca will become your luxury fiber of choice!