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Pop Art Blend

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A versatile blend inspired by the pops of electric colors that the pop artist icon of the 1950s-1980s Andy Warhol gravitated towards when creating his paintings. A total of 4 vibrant shades from our Solid Color Merino Wool Top Collection are featured in this blended roving: Hot Pink, Turquoise, Chartreuse, and Violet. These effervescent colors are slightly blended with sparkling white and yellow mulberry silk and a deep shade of flax appropriately named Noir. Suitable for spinning, blending, felting, and weaving. As the great Warhol once said, "Art is what you can get away with!" Dive into this exclusive blend and let your imagination take control. 

Why we love it:

The fibers in this blend are not blended to the point that all the colors mix to create one heathered shade. There is a clear separation of fibers and colors making it easy to pull individual hues out for custom crafting. If you wish to have a more blended preparation to work with, this fiber can easily be blended further on a pair of hand cards, combs, a blending board, a hackle, or a drum carder to create a unique, heathered, and colorful fiber. The colors and textures in this blend make for a truly unique and exciting experience. 


50% Merino 23 micron in 4 colors: Hot Pink, Turquoise, Chartreuse, and Violet.
25% Grade A Mulberry Silk in 2 colors: White and Sunset.
25% Flax Linen in the color Noir

Staple length: 4-7 inches
Micron Count: 18-25 
Process: Low Cycle Carded Blended Top

Featured in our August 2019 Fiber Club Box with our Diamond blend. 
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