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Schacht Variable Dent Reeds

SKU: SL2160
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Mix and match dents in one reed. This reed allows you to warp with yarns of different weights and at different widths. Get creative with your masterpieces and let your imagination take flight. These are perfect for the adventurous weaver and anyone using a variety of weights in their project.

Read more about assembling the Variable Dent Reeds here.

Available sizes:

SL2160 10" Cricket Loom Variable Dent Reed includes

  • 10" reed frame 
  • reed sections: 2 – 5-dent / 2 – 8-dent / 2 – 10-dent / 2 – 12-dent

SL2161 15" Cricket & Flip Loom Variable Dent Reed includes

  • 15" reed frame
  • reed sections: 4 – 5-dent / 3 – 8-dent / 4 – 10-dent / 3 – 12-dent

SL2162 20" Flip Loom Variable Dent Reed includes

  • 20" reed frame
  • reed sections: 6 – 5-dent / 4 – 8-dent / 4 – 10-dent / 4 – 12-dent

SL2163 25" Flip Loom Variable Dent Reed includes:

  • 25" reed frame 
  • reed sections: 8 – 5-dent / 5 – 8-dent  / 8 – 10-dent / 5 – 12-dent

SL2164 30" Flip Loom Variable Dent Reed includes

  • 30" reed frame
  • reed sections: 9 – 5-dent / 6 – 8-dent / 9 – 10-dent / 6 – 12-dent

NOTES from Schacht:

  • It is easiest to set up the variable dent reed at your loom.
  • The weaving width of the variable dent reed is about 1⁄4" narrower than a regular reed of similar width.
  • Reed sections do not need to completely fill all of the available space in the reed frame. To weave at less than full width, secure reed sections with heddle retainer rings.
  • To weave at full width, you may need to remove the plastic spacers from the frame posts prior to re-assembly

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