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Shetland Heather Combed Top

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: Sorrel

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Earthy, tonal, and robustly saturated heathered shades of Shetland Wool that hail from the Shetland Isles of Scotland. This timeless collection of highland inspired, natural shetland fibers, radiate captivating tonality inspired by Scottish Wildflowers. Each color has a natural buttery crimp with a long staple length of 4-7 inches and a micron count ranging from 20-30; lending them to many fiber art applications especially ideal for beginning and advanced hand spinning! From hand spinning woolen and worsted yarns to needle and wet felting fabulous fabrics, or even weaving into wondrously tonal wall hangings, these blended top rovings can do it all. You'll love the resilience and versatility of these beautiful and naturally blended top rovings.

Each shade within this collection consists of multiple contrasting colors that make up a tonal whole, offering depth and dimension to your finished project. 

Click here to browse our Shetland Wool Collection which features other shades that would be beautifully paired with the heathered hues. Great for fair isle knitting!

Featured in our March 2020 Fiber Club "Outlander" themed box. 

Collect each shade while supplies last. 
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