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Silky Merino Tweed Blend - Aurora


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Inspired by the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis phenomenon, this blend consists of Mulberry Silk, Merino, Bamboo, and Recycled Sari Silk. You'll love the flecks of vibrant color and texture throughout this combed top which will produce a lovely tweed effect in your finished yarn. Perfect for hand spinning, weaving, felting, and more!

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 42.8% Merino wool (28.5% in the color Lead, 14.3% in the color Corn), 28.5% Citrus A Grade Mulberry Silk, 14.3% Yellow Bamboo, and 14.4% Multi Color  Recycled Sari Silk.

Micron count: 18-23

Staple length: 3-6 inches

Preparation: commercial top

Feltable: yes

Origin: Europe

Please note: we've done our best to accurately represent the color of this fiber but the tone and saturation can vary between batches and especially from screen to screen.

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This fiber was featured in our July 2021 Fiber of the Month Club Package.