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Superwash Cheviot Wool and Faux Cashmere Sock Blend - Walkin' on Sunshine

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This cloud-like blend has all the characteristics of a classic sock yarn blend with extra loft and strength making it suitable for much more than socks!

Comprised of 75% superwash Cheviot Wool Top and 25% Faux Cashmere (stretched nylon, this hard-wearing, machine washable blend will give your feet much deserved warm and woolly hugs. Whether you're watching the clouds go by or on an epic adventure, this blend has you covered in the durability department. The Cheviot breed originated in Scotland during the pre-Roman era and is known for its endurance in socks, sweaters, and blankets. This robust blend spins effortlessly and absorbs dye beautifully.

The blend is lofty, durable, and strong - with a long staple length and a medium micron count. Great for beginner spinners.