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White Egyptian Cotton Fiber

SKU: P3872-01
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Nature's wonder fiber! This fiber is made more for blending and stuffing but can also be spun. The natural cotton fiber has been ginned (passed through a shaker) to separate the cotton fiber from the seed and then classed/graded. The fibers are white, short, non-lustrous, and uniform. This cotton will soak up dye beautifully and can be used in many craft applications. Blend this fiber with your favorite wool or card by itself into punis for delightful woolen-spun cotton yarn with a rustic texture. However you craft with this cotton fiber, you're sure to delight in its natural cooling properties and soft hand.  

Please note: This fiber contains vegetable matter that will fall out when spinning or can be easily picked out when crafting and separating the fibers. It may contain more or less matter than the pictures. 

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 100% ginned Egyptian (Pima) Cotton (Gossypium barbadense)

Staple length:  0.5 - 1.5 inches

Micron count: 5

Preparation: ginned (passed through a shaker) to separate the cotton fiber from the seed.

Feltable: no

Origin: South Eastern United States 

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