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Lacis Magnetic Sew-On Closures-Notions-14mm-
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Lacis Magnetic Sew-On Closures

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Lacis No Hands Knitting Chain Row Counter-row counter-
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Lacis Weaving Cards - 25 Pack-Weaving Cards-
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Lacis Weaving Cards - 25 Pack

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Verna-X Beadle Needle GB89 1 mm x 7.5-Beading Needle-
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Lacis T-Pins-T-Pins-40 (1.7"x.043")-
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Lacis T-Pins
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Verna-X Beadle Needle GB91 0.8 mm x 7.5-Beading Needle-
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A Lacis 5 Inch rug punch needle
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A 5" Backstrap Horsebar for weaving made by Lacis in the USA.
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