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A Grade Dyed Mulberry Silk Top

: Singapore Yellow
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Delicate in appearance, robust in structure. Radiant. Luminescent. Caressing. Smooth. Supple. Insulating. Hypoallergenic. These are only some of the celebrated features of the highest quality Cultivated Silk on the market. A title held by this queen of textiles for over 4,000 years. This is the ultimate luxury fiber for the individual with discriminating taste. 

Mulberry Silk, also known as Cultivated Silk and Bombyx Silk, is a protein fiber made using the secretions of the domesticated Bombyx Mori Silk Worms that strictly feed on only the leaves of the Mulberry tree. This is enormously contrasted by Tussah Silk, which is made by the wild silkworms that have been permitted to graze on anything in nature and mature into moths, resulting in shorter yellow-toned fibers. 

The process of obtaining Mulberry Silk Top has many crucial steps. First, the cocoons are harvested and boiled before the silkworms emerge, removing the gummy glue that binds them. Next, the cocoons are unraveled or reeled into a single strand of pure white silk. Finally, the long strands are broken in order to be carded on large machines to turn into Top.

Your finished fabric will exude character and quality, with considerable drape and next-to-skin-softness. Silk provides strength, luster, and drape for favorable garments that will last for generations to come.

See this fiber in its natural undyed form here.

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 100% A. Grade dyed Mulberry Silk Top

Micron count: 17

Staple length: 5-7 Inches

Preparation: Commercial Top

Feltable: No

Origin: Europe

Please note: we've done our best to accurately represent the color of this fiber but the tone and saturation can vary between batches and especially from screen to screen.

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This fiber was featured in our September 2021 Fiber of the Month Club Package.

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