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Drum Carders

Ashford Drum Carder - Course
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Ashford Drum Carders

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Ashford Wild Drum Carder-Drum Carder-
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Ashford Wild Drum Carder

4 reviews
Drive Band Material 1/4" or 5/16" Diameter for Drum Carders - Sold by the foot
Ashford Wide Drum Carder-Drum Carder-
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Ashford Wide Drum Carder

19 reviews
Ashford Drum Carder Packer Brush-Carder Accessory-
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Ashford Drum Carder Packer Brush

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Drive Band for Drum Carder (green) - Sold by the Foot-Spinning Wheel Accessory-1/4"-
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Drive Band 3/8 Dia clear for Drum Carders - sold per foot.
Louet Clamps for Drumcarders-Carder Accessory-
Paradise Fibers Mini Carder/Blending Brush
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Ashford Flick Carder-Flick Carder-
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Ashford Flick Carder

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Louet Roving Carder ( Fine 46 TPI) Classic-Drum Carder-
Louet Roving Carder (Extra Fine 72 TPI) Standard-Drum Carder-
Junior Carder - Extra Fine 72 TPI

1 review
Louet Classic Drum Carder - Fine 46 TPI-Drum Carder-
Standard Drum Carder - Fine 46 TPI

1 review
Louet Standard Drum Carder - Extra Fine 72 TPI-Drum Carder-
Louet XL Drum Carder 12" Extra Fine-Drum Carder-
Louet Doffer Pin-Carder Accessory-
Louet Doffer Brush-Carder Accessory-
Paradise Fibers Flick Carder
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Paradise Fibers Flick Carder

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