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Gems of Paradise Micro-blends

SKU: GEM01-4
: Opal
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Glistening Fiber Gems - ultra soft, ultra luxurious, and ultra versatile!
Available in 12 vibrant tonal colors and 2 NEW additions that have Glitter blended into them - Rose Gold with Gold Angelina and Fluorite with Violet Angelina.

Fiber Content:
40% Dyed Superfine 18.5 micron Merino Wool Top
25% Rose Cellulose Fiber
25% Mulberry Silk
10% Faux Cashmere (stretched Nylon)

Each color in our gem inspired rose fiber micro-blends was carefully crafted to mimic the brilliant sheen and depth of color found in Gemstones. These colors can be spun alone or blended/plied with our lines of solid colored Merino Wool, Mulberry Silk, Tussah Silk, and many other fibers! The possibilities are endless! The Gems of Paradise were designed to be an exploration in color and fiber content. Don't be afraid to strip the colors down, get messy, get creative, and most importantly; have fun! Head to our blog for a Fractal spinning tutorial using all 12 original colors! 

Because the Gems of Paradise are 40% Superfine Merino Wool, the fibers will wet and needle felt very nicely! You can even weave with the rovings as is! The silk and rose fiber content create beautiful sheen and strength in your yarn. The Faux Cashmere adds a little stretch and incredible softness! Your finished yarn will have lovely drape. Try the Gem Line for yourself and experience this truly magnificent luxury fiber!

Try Dyeing your own colorway using Country Classics Dye and the "Diamond" Colorway!

1 Jar of "no fuss" Country Classics Dye will dye 2 lbs of fiber!