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Malabrigo Pattern Book 6 - in Cabo Polonio


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"Cabo Polonio is a cape located on the Atlantic coast, on the eastern shoreline of Uruguay. It is a National Park and the wildlife is protected by law. 

Nature is the true owner of the cape- islands, sea lions, sand and rocks dominate the landscape.

An old lighthouse from 1881 and a few houses and huts are the only visible man-made structures on the Cape. There's no electricity, no roads and the only permitted vehicle access from the main highway is via a special 4x4 truck/bus through the sands. Of course, you can also walk: 5 miles walking through dunes or just a long stroll by the sea.

The few locals live a simple, rustic life, as do the summer tourists looking to escape the bustle of the city. The only sounds you hear are those of nature - wind, sea, and the bark of sea lions. At night, unhindered by city lights, the stars are expansive and breathtaking.

The simple, back-to-nature environment is perfect for those who long for a vacation free of shopping malls and noisy crowds. Visitors experience a way of life long past as they carry their water from distant wells and feel the sting of sand and salt blowing on their skin. On the fine white sand, numerous shipwrecks stand ad monuments to the past (always a definite point of interest!) 

We thought that this raw and exposed environment would be perfect to display our wools- a site that could illustrate that imaginary place called Malibrigo, where it is always a good time to be knitting, enjoying each stitch flowing through your fingers, secure in the knowledge that with the fruit of our needles, we will win the battle against this rough weather."

-Excerpt from Malabrigo Book 6 - In Cabo Polonio