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Malabrigo Pattern Book 5 - in Soho


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"In the city, the streets transform from moment to moment. Yellow cabs flash by; crowds intermingle in a vivid hive; solemn stone abodes the bold graffiti gash. Colors, rapidly and over time, striate and blend, and yet - look up. All around, a grand history endures, cast in the very iron that built the streets of Soho.

In the city, she feel alive. Her shoes click against the cobblestones as she hurries to the subway; a cold breeze nips her cheeks, carrying the buttery scent of roasted almonds from the cart down the block. She pulls her scarf closer, pauses, and smiles to herself, squeezing the cushiony fabric between finger and thumb. 

In the city, she can be anyone she wants to be. Tonight, she's a gallery patron - unless she scores those concert tickets. Tomorrow, brunch with friends, and maybe a little window - shopping. Her date's tomorrow night, but she won't have to wonder what to wear. She always has the parfect finishing touch just off the needles.

In the city, she never wants to go home. She doesn't need to. Wherever she roams throughout the windy streets of Soho, She'll be snug and warm. She's wrapped herself in the velvety softness of Malabrigo."

"Bright Colors, Big City" - excerpt from Malabrigo Book 5 - in Soho