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Newenia Luxury Blends

: My Dear Lucy
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Tonal and soft! Our Newenia collection features 4 luxury blends inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, a series of fantasy novels written by British author C.S. Lewis in the 1950s. Each whimsical and wintery blend consists of 6 tonal shades of Fine Merino Wool, natural de-haired Cashmere Top, and brilliant grade A. Mulberry Silk Top. Two of the blends feature a smattering of Angelina glitz fiber for a shimmering effect. One True King has gold glitz and Tree of Youth has silver glitz.

Blend Details

Fiber Content: 23 micron Merino Wool (70%), natural de-haired Cashmere Top (15%), and brilliant grade A. Mulberry Silk Top (15%). One True King has gold Angelina glitz and Tree of Youth has silver Angelina glitz.

Process: Combed Commercial Top

Micron: 15-23

Staple Length: 3-6 inches

Feltable: Yes 

Newenia cashmere merino and silk fiber blends. Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia

Why we love this blend:
The cashmere provides loft and warmth, the silk offers a hint of gleam and drape, and the merino provides your finished fabric with a smooth texture and wonderful temperature regulating properties. Spin these winter blends bulky to fine for a luxurious tonal yarn or create magical art yarn. Share your results on social media with #paradisefibers

Newenia cashmere merino and silk fiber blends inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia

Newenia, a collection of luxury cashmere, merino, and silk blends designed to elevate your senses and delight you with a winter-ready color palette fit for a Queen or King! Each blend was inspired by an aspect of the world of Narnia. Learn about each one below. Call or email us to collect all 4 shades while supplies last.

Tree of Youth (Silver with Sparkle): A magical tree bearing inexpressibly beautiful silver apples with a divine, breathtaking, mesmerizing, and almost irresistible scent. Even sunlight fades in the bright light they cast.

Wood Between the Worlds (Green): A mysterious forest realm of supposed water portals that allow magical travel between the worlds of Charn, Earth, Narnia, and numerous others. In order to travel through one must be touching one of the yellow or green magical rings.

My Dear Lucy (Purple): The granddaughter of C.S. Lewis who is the inspiration behind  ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’. You’re never too old to enjoy a good fairy tale.

One True King (Gold with Sparkle): The creator and King of Narnia, Aslan, is a representation of all that is good. He appears to be a large and terrifying, but equally magnificent and wise, lion with kind eyes. He watches over Narnia and protects it from various evils.