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Paradise Fibers Herdwick Wool Roving

SKU: PFHT-T633-08
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: Dark Grey
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The Herdwick is a domesticated sheep native to the Lake District of Cumbria in North West England.

Herdwick wool is undeniably durable, extremely hardy, and  warm. Thick bristle type fibers will often protrude from garments made of Herdwick. This Herdwick has a 3-4 inch staple length and is 29 Micron, combed top. Perfect for forming a protective barrier against extreme weather or knitting a cozy jumper to curl up in by the fire with a cup of tea! Natural Insulation, naturally grey, although not easily saturated when dying. Perfect for outerwear or garments designed for durability. If you like that natural slightly scratchy wool this wool is perfect for you! 

Herdwick wool and felting go hand in hand! The structure of the individual fibers wet felt effortlessly and create a natural look when needle felting. Felted Herdwick Hats would make an excellent addition to anyone's wardrobe. 

This wool holds over time and is practically indestructible. Herdwick sheep have been known to survive extreme cold weather trapped under snow eating their own wool to survive! Amazing!