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Combs and Hackles

Combing is an excellent way to prep fiber for spinning. This is a great way to get all veg and debris out of fleece as well as align the fibers in preparation for worsted or fine spinning.
Paradise Fibers Double Row Wool Combs
Double Row Wool Combs

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Paradise Fibers Double Row Combing Hackles
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Double Row Combing Hackles

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Paradise Fibers Single Row Blending Hackles
Single Row Blending Hackles

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Paradise Fibers Comb Holder
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Paradise Fibers Comb Holder

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Paradise Fibers Hold It Hooks
Paradise Fibers Hold It Hooks

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Louet Double Row Mini Hand Combs-Combs-
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Louet Double Row Mini Hand Combs

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C Clamps -Pair- For Comb Holder and/or Hackle-Comb Accessory-1.5"-
C Clamps

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A pair of wool combs made of maple hardwood with Paradise Fibers burned on the handle
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Single Row Wool Combs

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Wool Combs Tine Straightener

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