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Biodegradable Nylon Fiber - Bio Nylon

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: Marina

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New and improved vegan spinning fiber! Bio Nylon is an environment-friendly wool replacement that decomposes in landfills where oxygen is absent, making it biodegradable in only 5 years! Bio Nylon, also known as Amni® Soul Eco, is a durable, man-made, fiber that is produced using a closed-loop system. It is created using an enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula, which has been developed by the Rhodia-Solvay group to enable garments to break down rapidly when discarded and left in landfills. Don't worry, this synthetic fiber is easy to use and is valued for its lightweight, breathable qualities, and slight luster, even when washed and worn. You can incorporate it into blends with wool, alpaca, and silk for added strength and resilience, or spin it by itself for a yarn that mimics wool.

We offer this fiber combined with another favorite biodegradable fiber - Rose Fiber - in our multi-colored Eco Soul Blends.

Fiber Details: 

Fiber content: 100% biodegradable nylon, Amni Soul Eco®

Micron count: 23

Staple length: 3-4 inches

Preparation: commercial top

Feltable: no

Origin: Europe

This fiber is manufactured by recycling processed water.

Please note: we've done our best to accurately represent the color of this fiber but the tone and saturation can vary from screen to screen.

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Did you know? The chemical structure of traditional synthetic fibers, in general, does not allow bacteria to penetrate, which makes degradation more complex and slower! BIO NYLON and ECO SOUL, on the other hand, are produced using an enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula, which - under landfill conditions - facilitates access and digestion of waste material by bacteria, thus accelerating the biodegradation process. A process that lasts 5 years compared to 50 years with other synthetic fibers!

After landfilling, the fibers are turned into organic matter (biomass) and biogas which can become new resources for the environment, as well as being used for combined heat and power production. The biodegradation properties of BIO NYLON and ECO SOUL become apparent only and exclusively under landfill conditions, where there is no oxygen and bacteria specifically in charge of anaerobic decomposition are found. Therefore you don’t have to worry about these fibers decomposing after standard use in garments. In alternate conditions, this fiber's life cycle is the same as that of traditional polyamide fibers.

Craft assured that BIO NYLON and ECO SOUL are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified, to guarantee the absence of toxic substances which could harm the health of adults, children, and babies. Oeko-Tex is the independent control and certification system which certifies the safety of textile products for human use.