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Felting Fiber and Kits

Felting is a fun way to decorate a wide variety of items and is a craft anyone can learn quickly and easily. Felting fun can begin using raw materials or pre-assembled kits. Felting can be done in several ways and at Paradise Fibers we offer felting kits for all levels of expertise. 
    Needle felting is the craft of using special felting needles to create designs or 3-D forms on fabric. It does not require soap and water as typical felting does. We offer needle felting kits that include needles, needle felting tools, a foam pad, fiber, and full instructions for several easy beginner needle felting projects. We also have deluxe needle felting kits in stock for larger projects. Needle felting kits are a great way to be sure you have everything needed to get started with your first felting project.
    Not sure, which of the numerous needle felt kits we offer is right for you? Explore the various needle felt kits we have in stock and select the one you feel you will most enjoy using. Or you can always choose your favorite dyed and un-dyed wools and wool blends we offer and choose the size needle your project requires (we offer these individually) and don't forget to get yourself a foam pad so you don't poke yourself!
    Paradise Fibers Cheviot Wool Roving- 1 lb. Special-Fiber-
    Paradise Fibers Cheviot Wool Top - 1 lb. Special

    201 reviews
    Corriedale Cross Wool Top 1 lb. Special.
    Corriedale Cross Wool Top - 1 lb. Special

    218 reviews
    Gems of Paradise Micro-blends-Fiber-Opal-4oz-
    New in
    Gems of Paradise Micro-blends

    76 reviews
    From $25.00
    8 handfulls of dyed merino felted wool nepp balls.
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    Dyed Merino Wool Felted Nepps

    16 reviews
    $2.00 $5.00
    7 bundles of carded corriedale wool sliver.
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    Paradise Fibers Space Dyed Wool

    48 reviews
    From $17.00
    Paradise Fibers Corriedale Top - Natural Grey-Fiber-Natural Grey-4oz-
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    Paradise Fibers Corriedale Top - Natural Grey

    31 reviews
    From $8.00
    Paradise Fibers Multi Colored Corriedale Wool Top - Purple People Eater-Fiber-4 oz-
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    Artfelt Paper-Artfelt Paper-9.75" x 118" Sheet-
    Artfelt Paper

    14 reviews
    From $12.00
    A collection of shetland wool heather rovings. One purple, blue, yellow, red, and green.
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    Shetland Heather Combed Top

    19 reviews
    From $3.99 $5.00
    Feltworks Felt Roll 12" x 12"-Felting-Aqua-
    3 in stock
    4 balls of glitter merino and stellina fiber in the colors blue, silver, gold, and red.
    Glitter Merino and Stellina Blends

    14 reviews
    From $10.74
    Paradise Fibers Cut Silk Cocoons (1 oz bag)-Fiber-
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    Paradise Fibers Cut Silk Cocoons (1 oz bag)

    10 reviews
    Paradise Fibers Mixed Merino Wool Bag - Very Berry-Fiber-
    Paradise Fibers Mixed Merino Wool Bag - Very Berry

    27 reviews
    Pieces of Paradise- Blenders Delight Merino Top Assortment- 1 LB.-Fiber-
    Sold Out
    Paradise Fibers Carded Corriedale Wool Sliver - Five Days of Grey-Fiber-Drizzle-4oz-
    A ball of tonal humbug merino wool top in the shades natural and grey.
    Humbug Merino Wool Top

    19 reviews
    From $10.49
    Paradise Fibers Mixed Merino Wool Bag - Beautiful Brights-Fiber-
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