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Calliope Basket Kit

SKU: Calliope-BLACK
: Black and Natural

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Natural raffia coils beautifully, transitioning organically from one color to another, creating a lightweight unique basket.  Learn this wonderful basic basket weaving technique, while not worrying too much about counting or exactness.


Shape your basket however is desired from flat to a curved container. There are so many ways to play with using two colors in your basketry--this free-hand way is a great way to start!

Kit includes:

Enough supplies to make 2 baskets:

6 oz Madagascar Raffia in 2 Colors

Sharp Darning Needle 


Muslin Bag

Calliope Basket Pattern and Video

Basket measures 7.5" by 2" as shown but this can be variable depending on your desired size and shape. 

Made in United States