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LeClerc Weaving Temples

SKU: 6146-1000
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This traditional weaving tool is used to maintain the warp width as sleyed in the reed. It is also used to prevent the narrowing of your piece. LeClerc's weaving temples are available in many sizes to fit your needs and will improve your salvages, your weaving speed and comfort, and the overall quality of your weaving.

With a weaving temple, you will achieve a tighter weave allowing you to obtain an even beat that is easier to achieve. If you're looking for straighter wefts and better salvages, this is the wonder tool for you!

Please Note: The design of the longer temples is different than pictured.


 From To
11" (28cm) 16" (40cm)
16" (40cm) 22" (56cm)
23" (58cm) 38" (96cm)
36" (90cm) 60" (152cm)
56" (142cm) 100" (250cm)
76" (190cm) 120" (300cm)