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Magical Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk Blend - House Gryffingate


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  • 21.5 micron Merino Wool Top and Grade A. Mulberry Silk 60/40
  • Multi Color Blended Top
  • This magical Merino blend is ideal for hand spinning, weaving, wet and needle felting, and so much more! 
  • Garments to be hand washed in cold water with llittle to no agitation - recommended
  • This fiber will produce a lovely worsted yarn with beautiful sheen and drape. 
  • Great for beginner and advanced spinners alike. Try plying this fiber with a contrasting color to create a unique yarn. Use this fiber on a blending board or hand cards to create one of a kind rolags for hand spinning.

Featured in our November 2018 Fiber of the Month Club. Click here to see all the Magical Swineblysters School of Spincraft and Makery House Blends. 

 Welcome to Swineblysters School of Spincraft and Makery! Share your house blend on social media with #paradisefibers and let the world know this exciting news! 


According to our records, you are a brave fiber adventurist who often tries new things and enjoys exploring the world of fiber. Therefore, you have been assigned to House Gryffingate. This is an excellent place to learn from other adventurous fiber artists. Due to past errors on House Gryffingates students’ part, we must remind you that the alpacasaurarus’ are NOT to be ridden, as they spook easily and their panic is amplified due to them not being able to defend themselves with their little arms.


Before you arrive at Swineblysters, it may be helpful to review the history of your house. As such, we will give you a brief summary now. House Gryffingate, as you may know, stretches back centuries, all the way to Swineblysters’ founding in 1375 AD. Over the centuries, much knowledge has been lost about its founder, Godwin Gryffingate. We know that he had a curious affinity for two-headed Glions. He once rode into battle on one named Gordledee and Geedledum against the mighty Dragon of Davenport. As the legend goes he was armed with nothing but his magic flame-resistant knitted cloak and his trusty magic double pointed needles.


The dorms of House Gryffingate are located in the third west tower and are accessed by speaking the password to the guardian sheep statue in the doorway. Ewenice, the sheep statue, likes to be presented with handspun yarn now and then and fed herbal rice cakes consisting of dried galoopaguss, fresh pozeenie, and lavender rice. A school prefect will give you the password upon arrival at the school.


This school year is promising to be the most productive, stash busting, and perfectly safe year we’ve had in many years. Pay no mind to the rumors. There are no giant moths at Swineblysters although we do ask that you refrain from entering the dark corners in the basement.