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Constellation Range - Multi Color Merino/Silk Combed Top

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: Lynx
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Our Constellation Range is an incredibly soft and lustrous combination of vibrantly dyed merino wool top (70%) and lustrous silk (30%) in multiple contrasting colors in order to create a tonal blend that has out of this world depth and star-worthy sheen.  Perfect for hand felting, hand spinning, and many other creative fiber projects. These combed tops spin effortlessly with their long staple length of 3-4 inches and a micron count of 20-23.

This line was featured in our January Zodiac themed Fiber of the Month Club Box! Most of the variants have their zodiac name that was used in the box; however, there are 3 colors sent that have different names. There are also 2 remaining colors with alternate names that were not sent with the FOTMC.
These are the current color names with their corresponding zodiac names.


Aquila = Pisces / Hydra = Scorpio / Phoenix = Capricorn / 

Lynx = Sagittarius / Orion = Cancer

Taurus & Libra - Venus
Gemini & Aries - Mars
Scorpio (Phoenix) - Mars
Aquarius - Saturn
Capricorn (Hydra) - Saturn
Pisces (Aquila) - Neptune and Jupiter
Virgo - Mercury
Sagittarius (lynx) - Jupiter
Leo - Sun
Cancer (Orion) - Moon

Product details:

23 micron
3-4 inch staple length

Please Note:

Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nature of natural fiber. We have taken every step to represent the colors correctly. Colors can change depending on your screen settings.