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Brown Sheep Yarn

The line of Brown Sheep yarns is simply amazing!  There is something in it for everyone.  Their Cotton Fleece DK and Cotton Fine fingering yarns are a unique blend of soft Pima Cotton and Merino Wool.  I love that there is just enough merino wool to make an otherwise heavy fiber like cotton feel much lighter.  The wool also adds some elasticity that many cotton yarns are lacking.  Perfect for summer knitting!

Are you looking for a machine washable wool in a worsted or bulky weight?  Lamb’s Pride has you covered with a superwash version of popular yarn!  Check out their bulky or worsted weight yarns when you want to make something that is easier to care for and requires less attention when it is time to launder it.

Something to Felt About:

I have never seen a felted sheep, but what do they think when it rains?  Do you think they worry about having a felting accident with their coat if they move too fast?  It’s hard to say, but this is something I find myself thinking about when I see a flock of sheep in the rain.  Moving on to where felting is intentional…

Brown Sheep has you covered for all of your felting needs!  I love the rainbow selection of colors to choose from, this makes any felting project a dream.  The picture to the left shows a close-up view of felted bobbles made from Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Stay tuned for a future blog post, where I will teach you how to make a felted bathmat using bobbles and Brown Sheep.  How much fun is that?  You can also get it in a Worsted weight.  Both of these yarns have 15% mohair that adds a fun hairy, halo to your felted project.

Maybe that hairy look isn’t for you.  If that’s the case, I am sure you would love to work with their Nature Spun collection.  It is available in a Fingering, Sport, and Worsted weight.   If you have not tried felting a project (intentionally!!) you should pick out one of these great projects and give it a try.

One of my favorite project to felt is slippers.  I can’t even tell you how many pairs of Felted Clogs I have made, I love this pattern.  It is incredible to see how something that knits up so big is able to shrink down to the right size!  Your feet will thank you.  The double layer sole makes them comfortably squishy.  Two words of caution; when working on a felting project only use one line of yarn.  Many things such as the dye, spin of the yarn, etc. can affect how a yarn felts.  If you mix different brands together you run the risk of having your project felt at a different rate.  The second caution is in regard to these slippers and hard surfaces.  You are really going to want something grippy on the bottom so you don’t fall and get a concussion!  I put suede soles on mine and haven’t fallen since.

Bulky Knits:

I don’t know about you, but for me, I find it quite rewarding to switch up my projects and cast on something bulky.  Again, Brown Sheep has the yarn for you.  Lanaloft Bulky is a beautiful soft single ply yarn made from 100% domestic US wool primarily grown in Colorado.  Lanaloft Bulky will become a staple yarn for you with its soft feel and versatility.  Burly Spun is an even bulkier yarn that makes me think of dreadlocks.  A fantastic option for bulky knits and the color selection rocks.  This same yarn is available in hand painted colors if you are looking for something extra special.

It really doesn’t matter what your project is, Brown Sheep has an amazing selection of yarns to choose from.  You could knit any project to your heart’s content with the fabulous selection of colors, fibers, and weights of yarn they offer.  I hope you give this yarn a try if you have not already.  I would love to see what you are knitting with this versatile yarn.  Share your projects with us on Facebook and Instagram #paradisefibers.

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