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Meet Tim

imageHello Everyone! Today I would like you to meet Tim, he works upstairs in our Creative Department and when I come in to work on Mondays he is my partner in crime (or at least someone to talk to). Tim has worked at Paradise Fibers for about 6 months and he describes himself as a ‘pretty aggressive crocheter’. He had a crochet business in High School and he sold crochet hats in the winter when everyone was cold and desperate. Smart right? He says he can crochet anything that has a pattern but he mostly stitcks to hats and most recently bow ties, perhaps trying to corner the market on the Hipster Man Bun crowd? It is a growing market.

Basic Bow Tie by Courtney Spainhower

On a daily basis Tim puts product up onto the website so that all of you can view and purchase it. His favorite product that the shop sells is an up and coming product called Hikoo Abracadabra which is a COLOR CHANGING YARN!! It changes color in the sunlight and so far only two colors have been developed a white to pink and a white to purple…. totally amazing!

Hikoo Abracadabra

Tim’s favorite animal is a Blob fish, “because….. look at it”… nuff said I suppose. He said he would indeed consider making a sweater for the Blob Fish, perhaps an argyle vest that fits Blob Fish style, he isn’t sure. (watch out for Tim, he is a trend setter)


As far as beards are concerned he prefers real beards, but he cannot grow one so he is restricted to crocheted beards. Tim did not say if this saddened him or not. He has both developed websites and participated in sales before so he is definitely qualified to post things for sale on a website and his other hobbies are Hockey, Graphic Design, and Eating.

Roller Skate Booties by Katie Boyette

Tims second favorite job was working at Pattisons Roller Rink, where he skated around all day, while eating, and thinking graphically about design.

Wool Combs from Paradise Fibers

If left on a deserted island Tim would take a set of combs to spike animals to death, a skein of WolfPack in a bright color to make a hammock out of, or create an S.O.S, and one of the mannequins because then he wouldn’t be lonely.

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