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Paradise Fibers Natural Soybean Top

SKU: PFST-T198-004
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: Natural Gold
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High-quality Soy Fiber made from "okara" (soy pulp), a by-product of tofu production. Soy pulp is the insoluble part of soybean that remains when pureed soybeans are filtered in the production of soy milk. This is a magnificent protein fiber with astounding luster and an amazing drape. Soft, smooth, and light handle similar to silk or cashmere with the same moisture absorption as cotton with better moisture transmission. This fiber proves comfortable and sanitary. The breaking strength of soybean fiber is higher than that of wool, cotton, and silk and only lower than that of polyester fiber of high intention. Creates high-quality and high-density fabrics/yarn. The stability of this fiber is high and will not shrink when hot water is applied when washed naturally. Fabrics made from soybean fiber have outstanding anti-crease, easy-wash, and fast-drying properties. 

Feels like cashmere and silk, dry and comfortable, luxurious appearance, and radiant natural golden honey color, with added health properties due to its inherent amino acids. You'll love this alternative to wool!