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Pick-up Stick

Ashford Pickup Sticks-Weaving Accessory-10" SampleIt Loom (27.7cm)-
Ashford Pickup Sticks

31 reviews
From $8.50
Kromski Pick-Up Sticks

3 reviews
From $6.90
Schacht 3-in-1 Magic Stick-Weaving Accessory-
Schacht Beefy Pick-Up Sticks-Weaving Accessory-20" x 1-1/2"-
Schacht Beefy Pick-Up Sticks

3 reviews
From $21.00
Schacht Medium Pick Up Sticks-Weaving Accessory-10"-
Schacht Medium Pick Up Sticks

1 review
From $17.00
Schacht Petite Pick Up Sticks-Weaving Accessory-8" x 7/8"-
Schacht Weaving Stick-Weaving Accessory-
Schacht Weaving Stick

2 reviews