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Dyed Flax/Linen Top

: Iris
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Due to the nature of this fiber, the roving you receive may have breaks in it. Sustainable. Moisture-Resistant. Hypoallergenic. Breathable. Low maintenance. Versatile. Durable. Flax has remained a staple in the textile industry for centuries because of these desirable natural traits.

Flax is a cellulose bast fiber, meaning it is produced from the bark and stem of the Nettle/Flax plant. The harvesting process has been perfected over the course of hundreds of generations. First, the seed heads of the plant are removed and the woody stem is retted. Next, the fibers are broken and struck to remove the woody bits. Finally, the fibers are hackled to further remove impurities and shorter fibers.

Traditionally, Flax is available in what is called line bundles or strikes which are commonly spun with a distaff - these bundles typically have an even staple length of up to 22 inches or longer! This Flax, however, has been prepared to be an easy-to-spin Top featuring a shorter staple length.

The shorter staple length of 4-7 inches is due to the fibers being broken in order to be carded on large machines to create the Top. No distaff is required to turn this lovely fiber into treasured yarn that will last for generations to come.

Garments made of Flax have a subtle sheen and a texture that will soften with wash and wear. The fibers have no elasticity. The fibers are lightweight and are incredibly strong with zero elasticity.

View this luxury fiber in its natural undyed form here.

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 100% Dyed Flax Top

Micron count: 27

Staple length: 4-7 Inches

Preparation: Commercial top

Feltable: No

Origin: Europe

Please note: we've done our best to accurately represent the color of this fiber but the tone and saturation can vary between batches and especially from screen to screen.

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This fiber was featured in our September 2021 Fiber of the Month Club Package. Visit our blog to see a tutorial on blending Flax Top with Mulberry Silk Top here.