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Earthues Natural Dye Madder Whole Root - by the ounce

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Natural Dye Madder (Root)
Color:  Burnt Orange to Deepest cranberry to garnet shades.
High quality dried Madder root - Dyeing with this traditional dye is
easy, the roots can be cut easily or ground to extract more dye but this is not necessary to get results. 

Steep the roots in hot water overnight, pre-mordant your yarn or fiber at the same time in a different container (we recommend aluminum sulfate 25% of the weight of goods), add fiber to dye water (remove roots, optional) and keep temperatures below 180 degrees to develop a dark red. Higher temperatures will result in a muddy brown color. 

Works on protein and cellulose fibers.

Use 100% on the weight of the goods for deepest
cranberry to garnet shades.