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Paradise Fibers Cultivated Silk Fiber Roll


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-Each Fiber Roll is approximately 2.5oz-

 This fine Cultivated silk comes rolled into a wide approximately 2.5-ounce bundle much like a batt of wool. This silk is a bright white and it's great for blending and spinning. Try dyeing this with some of our Country Classics or Acid Dyes from Ashford and spin it up for a truly magical spinning experience.

There are two types of silk- cultivated and wild. Mulberry Silk is cultivated and the worms are fed strictly mulberry leaves. Cultivated silk is typically finer, stronger, smoother and more uniform. Tussah silk is wild and the worms eat whatever they can find which affects the color and texture. Tussah silk is still very beautiful but has less luster and is not as strong as the cultivated.